Protect Yourself from Negative Energy with Good Nutrition

Protect Yourself from Negative Energy with Good Nutrition

More and more chronic health issues are found to be connected to vitamin and mineral deficiencies each day. If it’s not a case of your body lacking something it needs because you’re simply not getting enough in your diet, it’s often a genetic mutation that is causing you to process less of the nutrients you need from your food or perhaps even create a reduced ability in your body to detoxify.

(If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out my article on Nutrigenomics where I talk about how nutrition can be directly applied to your genetics to help you overcome any genetic mutations you have.)

Take thyroid disease, for example, that’s being talked about so much lately. Many people take iodine to improve their thyroid functioning, but if you watched The Thyroid Secret docuseries, you might remember one of the doctors that was interviewed saying that often it’s not iodine that’s needed, but rather selenium, because they work in conjunction with one another.

Unfortunately, with the amount of stress a typical person has these days, it’s easy to have imbalances in your body. The key is identifying them and correcting them because simple imbalances in your body can have profound effects on your physical health.

What’s even more interesting about correcting imbalances in your physical body is that it’s not just about your physical body. It’s also about your energy body and your Soul. The healthier your physical body is, the healthier your energy body will be and the easier it will be for your Soul to connect to your physical body and express itself through you.

Imbalances in the physical body weaken the energy field to the point where negative energy can enter your energy field more easily than if you have a stronger, healthier natural energetic protection in place.

Yes, high vibration and frequency are everything when it comes to protecting yourself and raising yourself above the negativity that seems to have become so commonplace these days, but it all starts with creating balance and health within your physical body.

The most prevalent vitamin and mineral deficiencies seen today are Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, and the B Vitamins. A lot of this has to do with a combination of the foods we eat, our busy lifestyles and the genetic mutations that have evolved over time because of changes in our environment and lifestyles over time.

Being aware of these imbalances, and even more importantly, correcting them, is essential to your overall mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic health, because having these imbalances not only affects your health, but can also create weaknesses in your energy field that can easily allow negative energy to enter your energy field. What’s essential for you to understand is:

Certain forms of negative energy cannot remain in the human energy field in the presence of a healthy and balanced physical body that contains little or no vitamins or mineral deficiencies.

Iron deficiency is one of the biggest examples I can think of. Iron is one of the most important minerals for helping you to stay grounded, just like most minerals are grounding. However, more people are iron deficient than they realize. Low iron is also one of the things that makes it super easy for negative energy to enter the energy field and remain stuck there, necessitating a need for clearing.

Can nutrition clear the energy field? In some cases, yes it can. Think of correcting nutrient imbalances in your body like a form of kryptonite for negative energy.

When imbalances are corrected in the body, no matter what they are, it naturally returns to a state of health. This allows changes to take place that raise the vibration of your physical body enough so what doesn’t belong there no longer wants to be there and may even begin to leave on it’s own.

Is this always the case? No, but increasing your vibration through nutrition can make a really big difference.

Your life choices matter. Your environment and who you associate with matter. What situations you encounter and how you respond to them matter. But you can raise your physical vibration to the point where you begin to attract only better and better circumstances.

It all starts with what you put into your physical body.

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