How I Helped My Son With Nutrigenomics, Part 2

How I Helped My Son With Nutrigenomics, Part 2

How I Helped My Son With Nutrigenomics, Part 2

If you’ve read Part 1 of this blog post on nutrigenomics, you know that I had some recent difficulty with my son, Jaxson’s, pediatrician and his treatment for breathing issues when he came down with cold viruses. I continue his story here because it did not end simply by changing the way we were treating his breathing difficulties. There was more to come I was not prepared for.

After all the steroids and breathing medications were out of his system, his behavior was still quite hyper and it was a trend I had been seeing with him for months, but I did not know what was happening. I thought I had had the problem completely solved when I talked about serotonin in this article and what I did to help him.

However, he caught that virus right after I thought things had improved and it was like it had thrown all the work I had done right out the window. I’ll be honest with you now and say, I think that was probably a good thing, because even when I thought I had the problem solved, apparently I really did not.

I took my son for his follow up visit to his new pediatrician a week after starting his antibiotics and his behavior was even worst than it had been before. In fact, it was worst than I had ever seen it. I happened to have both boys with me that day, as my older son, Jakob, who rarely gets sick now, appeared to have an ear infection so I had him checked as well.

Our new pediatrician observed and checked them both as she watched Jaxson zoom around her room and cause complete insanity in everything he touched, including driving Jakob crazy. Absolutely nothing would calm him down.

She listened to him and checked his ears and he was fine in that respect. But based on her observation, much to my surprise, she gave both of my sons a brand new diagnosis…

Sensory Processing Disorder.

If you know anything about Sensory Processing Disorder, then you know that it is defined as “a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. Some people with sensory processing disorder are oversensitive to things in their environment. Common sounds may be painful or overwhelming.”

It basically meant that my son was getting overstimulated very quickly by the environment he was in at the time, and that he could only tolerate so much stimulation before he had difficulty calming himself down. It is something that goes hand in hand with Autism, which Jakob has a diagnosis of, and also ADHD.

This suddenly explained to me why my son screamed for hours as a baby and no one could identify why or he seemed to have such severe tantrums that it was becoming unsafe for him.

What I could not understand for the life of me, was why, when I had repeatedly inquired with every pediatrician we saw over the last THREE YEARS about my son’s behavior, they were not able to identify or make the same diagnosis. I was only referred to Behavioral Health for Jaxson, whom I called and never received a return call from because it was not a possible case of Autism I was dealing with.

I was ONLY dealing with severe tantrums. No big deal to them I suppose.

Not only did I receive a referral for both boys to a developmental pediatrician, but also a referral for Occupational Therapy to help us all get some relief, as well as formal letters for the county and school system with an official diagnosis listed to ensure that they both get the therapy they need in school.

The question I had … why on earth hadn’t this been caught sooner?

As upset as I was by the lack of attention to detail, I was also relieved to be able to put a name to what had been going on with him for so long. I was already familiar with sensory processing issues, so I researched a bit, but very quickly I returned to Jaxson’s genetic mutation data we had obtained when we got Jakob’s for his Autism diagnosis.

This is when I really started to make sense of things.

When I reviewed his data, I found that Jaxson has a combination of genetic mutations that make it harder for him to break down adrenaline in his system. That explained a lot very quickly. It explained why he needed melatonin to sleep and he had trouble winding down. Basically, if he was running off adrenaline all the time, how could he wind down?

I was quickly able to research what supplements he needed and combined the use of my research with intuition and accessing his Akashic Record to find out what his nutritional needs are with respect to this issue and in general to help him as quickly as I could. Within 24 hours, I began to see improvement, and I’ve been researching more to find new ways to help him nutritionally through the use of nutrigenomics. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I was forced to switch pediatricians. If it were not for things getting really bad, I might never have done it, and I might still be dealing with tantrums I don’t understand.

I know there is more help to come for Jaxson and more I need to do to help him work through this, but I also know that we are now well on our way and more importantly back in control of our health and our lives.

All this is thanks to a dedicated and knowledgable pediatrician, the knowledge of genetics, and my ability to research genetic mutations while using my intuition to identify the right supplements to use through the science of nutrigenomics.


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