How I Helped My Son With Nutrigenomics, Part 1

I recently wrote a blog post about The Healing Power of Serotonin and in it I talked about my son, Jaxson, and these tantrums he was having that I’ve been working to resolve off and on for some time and using nutrigenomics to heal him.

Jaxson’s story has quickly become an interesting one I’ve decided to share to help others if I can.

Shortly after I wrote that blog post, Jaxson, who is 3 years old, picked up what appeared to be just another cold from daycare. This one, however, went very quickly to his chest so I took him into the doctor we had been seeing for the past two years since we moved here.

For Jaxson, this was a particular concern because his colds have seemed to migrate there in the past causing him to be prescribed antibiotics and the use of an albuterol inhaler from a very young age. In fact, it had also been recommended to me starting last year that he use a steroid inhaler during allergy seasons and the winter season to try and minimize chest colds he seemed to be prone to because they caused wheezing in him.

This was recommended in an effort to reduce the use of oral steroids an antibiotics in case he did get sick. I was told that he would receive less overall medication from this inhaler than one course of oral steroids and it would prevent the need for them if he did get sick. I did not like the effect it had on my son’s behavior and I did not like the fact that he needed an inhaler on a daily basis at the age of 3, especially when I did not believe he had asthma.

I elected not to use the inhaler last fall and he ended up on oral steroids after a cold went to his chest, so of course, I thought I had made the wrong choice by not using the inhaler, so I gave in an used it the minimum amount possible and I would take breaks from it because it seemed there was a noticeable shift in his behavior when I used it.

When this cold moved to his chest, we saw a PA that we had seen many times before. She listened to my son intently and said he needed steroids because his breathing indicated it. I trusted her and her judgment, so I went along with her recommendation because I was concerned about my son’s breathing.

I gave him the medication in addition to the albuterol inhaler he had that was to be used as a rescue inhaler. His behavior was completely off the wall, and I was not able to complete more than a day and a half of the medication. On the second day, I called the doctor and she said to stop the medication immediately with no further instruction.

The third day of this, he was not much better and was regressing, so I got an appointment with what I believed to be one of the best pediatricians in the office. She listened to him and said she believed that unfortunately he did need steroids and gave him a dose of a different type of steroid in the office along with a breathing treatment consisting of two medications while we were in the office.

The makes a total of SIX breathing medications given to my son over the course of 4 days.

If you know me and have been following my writing, I’m not a person that believes in medications as a true resolution to issues, or else I would not be doing the work I do, but when you’re talking about your 3 yr old son’s breathing becoming an issue, you quickly listen to the doctor’s recommendation.

I also asked the doctor at the end of the visit if she thought he would outgrow the need for all of these medications and if she thought this was indicative of asthma. That’s when I was informed that he already had an official “asthma” diagnosis and that “anyone who sounded like that after a cold definitely has asthma.”

I was surprised to hear this because I remember very clearly being told by the same PA we had seen two days prior that an “official” asthma diagnosis was not made until a much later age, so I was operating off the assumption that my son was simply having difficulty with the maturity and anatomy of his lungs when he got a chest cold, and that he would most likely outgrow this issue.

All of these medications made him extremely hyper and agitated, and frankly did not solve the problem of his breathing and chest congestion. And with all the spiritual, energy, and nutrition work I do, I’m sure you are aware that I’m not a person who is a huge proponent of medications. They have their place, but I would prefer to not have to use them at all.

As I dealt with my son’s behavior and I finally got him to bed that evening, I was thinking back over what had transpired so quickly over the past few days and I suddenly realized that my son had been given SIX medications, yet no one had even considered recommending a chest x-ray.

How exactly did they know he didn’t simply need antibiotics?

I mean if he was so bad that he needed SIX breathing medications, shouldn’t one of the two doctors we saw at least have considered it? In fact, my gut was telling me that he was headed for a third visit in the next day or so that would end up requiring antibiotics to solve the issue when that was probably what should have been prescribed at the first visit.

Then it occurred to me, “if he has an asthma diagnosis, they are probably treating him as if he has asthma, which would necessitate steroids and breathing treatments and inhalers.” What was even more disturbing to me is that I had no idea when this diagnosis had been made or which one of the pediatricians we saw actually placed it in his chart. So I took my son’s health into my own hands and switched pediatricians. Yes, I had to drive over 30 minutes and cross the state line, but I’m thankful I did.

My son got a chest x-ray and antibiotics which he obviously needed because his symptoms were mostly resolved within 3 days, after which time he has had no need for either one of the inhalers the other doctors insisted he needed to use for MONTHS at a time. I also received a referral to a pediatric pulmonologist and allergy specialist for him.

Can someone PLEASE tell me why multiple pediatricians were not able to do what one was in one single visit? This is the question that plagues me and why I’m writing this blog post, along with a letter of complaint explaining my story to the doctor’s office.

His new doctor and I decided to forego any further medication until the next time he gets sick and see where he is with everything. In the mean time, I’m working on building his immune system so that he fights colds and allergic substances better.

But this is not the end of the story…

Keep reading here to find out what happened next and how I’m working with nutritional supplements and nutrigenomics to help Jaxson. It gets even MORE interesting, believe it or not.


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