Soul Clearing & Past Life Clearing

A Soul Clearing Removes Negative Energy From Your Soul Record, Resulting in Inner Peace. Learn about your Past Lifetimes, Life Lessons and Get Your Conscious Self Better Connected.

A Soul Profile gives you insight about yourself that you will not find anywhere else. It provides you with specific information that thoroughly describes the characteristics that define you at Soul-level, and how you can best express them to the world.

This includes:

  • Soul Group of Origination – Where are you REALLY from? Where did you first incarnate? What traits and characteristics do you carry as a result?
  • Archangelic Realm of Training – Our Souls take training in one of seven Archangelic Realms. Each realm corresponds with both a chakra and an Archangel. Each one carries with it its own special traits and characteristics that we have chosen to bring into the physical to express here as part of the fulfillment of our purpose
  • Spiritual Orders & Soul Specializations(s) These are “jobs” or “careers” we have in between incarnations and knowing these give us further clues into how we can express our Soul-level gifts and talents here in the physical as a means for fulfilling our purpose.
  • Primary Life Lesson(s)
  • Periods of History Lived
  • Mystery Schools
  • Spheres of Protection – All Souls have the capability of having 6 of these, but without knowing they are there, they can get eaten away over time. The clearing restores these fully to help provide us with protection from negative forces and energy we encounter each day
  • Connection to Your Higher Self & Team of Spirit Guides – Many people are not fully connected to this wonderful guidance system available to us all! Requests to reconnect you to your Conscious Self and Subconscious Self at 100%
  • Alignment to the Divine Energy Streams – Checks your alignment to the energies of Divine Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Power, Abundance, Healing, Manifestation, Creation & Empowerment and requests to realign you to them at 100%

Once the Soul Profile is completed, your Soul’s history is then investigated further to find and clear any blocks and restrictions that may be keeping you from leading the abundant, fulfilling, and powerful life you were meant to live.

The Past Life Clearing portion of the work is performed at the spiritual level and involves the release of negative and discordant energies that keep us from moving forward in our lives. These negative blocks and restrictions include:

  • subconscious programs
  • negative thought forms
  • false belief systems
  • illusions, imprints & patterns
  • negative unjustified karma
  • energetic connections to others that no longer serve us
  • environmental interference energy

These negative blocks and restrictions appear in our lives as feelings of sadness, frustration, difficulty moving forward or feeling blocked, lack of confidence and self-worth, and problems in our relationships with others, with ourselves, with money and in our careers. These blocks can also keep us from remembering our true identity as Souls and fully aligning with our path.

Once the blocks and restrictions are researched and clearly identified, they are then removed permanently from your Soul’s record utilizing spiritual healing methods and you are provided with a detailed explanation of findings.

Soul Clearing promotes healing at the mental, emotional, and physical levels because it provides you with both profound insight and clearing work. Removal of negative influences not only makes it easier for you to progress in your life, but also allows you to consciously obtain a clearer picture of who you are at Soul-level and how you can best express those energies here in the physical so you can more fully align with your path and purpose.

Typical results of a Soul Clearing include:

  • Profound sense of inner peace and understanding of yourself as a Divine Being
  • Increased level of spiritual abilities
  • Better communication between your Conscious Self and your Higher Self
  • Movement beyond negative thought patterns and belief systems
  • More clarity and greater confidence in your decisions
  • Improved relationships with yourself, others, and money
  • Choices becoming available to you that were never revealed to you before
  • More direction around career and life path and purpose
  • Clearing of DNA and blocks to soul growth, and ascension.

The process of Soul Clearing extremely empowering. The work is based on choice and consequence - the that at some point in your Soul’s history, you made a choice that led to a specific consequence, or negative block, whether or not you were cognizant of it at the time. But by having a Soul Clearing done, you are also choosing to no longer be affected by the negative blocks and restrictions, and are instead empowering yourself as the powerful creator that you are.

Many of your long-standing questions will begin to answer themselves as a knowing from within. Fears and insecurities that you have had for so long will fade away. All the time, energy, and money you spent on trying to find answers now go toward taking actions that will truly help you. Problems you have been struggling with surrounding family, relationships, career, and finances will begin to resolve themselves. New avenues open up for you in directions you never knew existed and life becomes much less of a struggle.

The level of confidence, freedom, and peace of mind this work gives you is unmatched. You can make decisions that you know are 100% right for you in this life, rather than continuing to wonder if they are. You can finally move forward with confidence that you are on the right path.

What could be more empowering and life-changing than that? Click Here to view a Sample Report from an Actual Session!
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