Are you feeling disempowered and disconnected? Like underlying fears are keeping you limited in lack and struggle?

Are you struggling with addiction, weight issues, financial lack, or relationship issues? 

Do you want to know how your past, including your past lives, has affected your present day life and your life lessons?

You’re ready to create real and lasting change in your life, but you just don’t quite know how. 

You’ve tried everything … prayer, energy work, spiritual healing, psychic readings, maybe even counseling … but nothing has produced the results you long for … UNTIL NOW.

It’s really quite simple. The answer lies in your past and clearing it away.

Negative energy from our past experiences can stay with us for years and manifests itself in all sorts of issues in our lives:

  • Lack of money or inability to produce a high level of income
  • Addiction to food and other substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and even TV
  • Weight gain, difficulty losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight
  • Difficulty finding and maintaining healthy, happy, successful relationships

These are the areas where our negative experiences show up over and over again.

Problems in these areas are like messages to us that something is out of alignment – that we need to focus more attention to help ourselves live a happier healthier life. The answer is found when we look within for the emotional baggage we are still carrying from past experiences.

But you should know that resolving these issues does NOT have to be painful!

I am a certified Soul Realignment Advanced and Usui Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner, with training in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, 21st Century Energy Medicine with Deborah King, The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, Sandra Anne Taylor’s Quantum Life Coaching, and from the Lightarian Institute.

My job is to help you get to the truth of what is holding you back, and then I clear away the blocks that are keeping you from moving forward. I help you create that breakthrough you have been waiting for to transform your life.

By accessing your personal Soul history through the Akashic Records, I can identify the source of the issue, where it began, and the resulting negative energy that is blocking you from the happy, healthy, successful life you desire and so greatly deserve.

Once identified, clearing this negative energy can be done very simply and quickly without you having to feel the pain of experiencing it again, which is what so many of us fear when we think about facing and working on our issues. You simply go on to live a better, healthier, happier life, filled with the freedom and joy you were MEANT to experience.

Aren’t YOU ready to move beyond what is holding you back and STEP INTO WHO YOU TRULY ARE?

Don’t wait for change to come to you! Click HERE to create it in your life NOW!

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